What is acupuncture truly about? Chinese Medicine is about balance and sees illness or pain as an imbalance or disharmony in the systems of the body, mind, or way of functioning in our environments.

There are multiple patterns of disharmony that can result in physical or emotional ailment. In broad terms they fall into categories of excess, or deficiency, and impact internal organ systems, and acupuncture channels that facilitate the flow of Qi (energy), blood, and body fluids. How severe or chronic the problem is depends in part on how deep in the body the pathogen or disharmony lies.

In short, acupuncture works by inserting very thin needles into the layer of fascia just below the surface of the skin which sends electrical signals to various parts of the body. Based on the location used or the stimulation technique used, the point can help clear a blockage or supply more energy to a weak area. This in turn influences the movement of blood and body fluids, and the release of hormones, neuro transmitters, and other chemicals which cause the body’s own feedback loops to kick into action and rebalance its systems to a state of homeostasis.

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