David Sanchez, CMT

Dave Sanchez is an educator using a common sense approach to body awareness through movement and bodywork which is used to empower his clients. He is an advanced therapist, certified in Deep Tissue and Sports Massage. Dave provides a therapeutic style massage incorporating various techniques such as Neuromuscular Movement, Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Trigger Point, Pincer Technique, Compression, Cupping, TENS unit, and PNF Stretches.

These techniques are specific for individual problems. He often works on people who experience chronic pain, repetitive motion injuries, sports and automobile related injuries. He has the gift of touch to help people with chronic and acute pain, and also for those "weekend warriors" who may have pushed themselves a bit too far.

Spiritually unfulfilled in the tech industry, knowing he had more to offer the world, Dave decided to go into massage so that he could give back to the community and help others. He knew this was his calling when he began studying different massage techniques and seeing the benefits it provided his clients. In addition to working out of his office at Dimensions in Health, he also offers on-site chair massage to corporate and local businesses.

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Massage practitioner giving a patient back massage