Client Session

Written by Bob Sanchez on January 20, 2022

Andy, a gentlemen standing 6ft 2in in his seventies had made an appointment with me for lower back pain with the classic sciatica down the leg pattern that created standing sitting and walking problems for him.

After the initial intake info which was a standard process for new clients. Andy proceeded to explain that the 5 bulging discs issues in his back was creating a major problem for his coaching daily schedule. He coached the girls softball team in Los Gatos, ca. He would take his Ibuprofen in the morning and by the afternoon he could feel the crippling pain in his lower and upper back and legs. I explained that most of the time a person with one bulging disc would have major problems with moving sitting or standing. I performed some neuro-muscular movement bi-laterally to see his range of motion to see how he was doing, his motion was limited but did very well. Andy did feel the sciatic pain coming from the lower back into the hips and down to his leg.

It was clear, his body was compensating and muscles were very (hyper tonic) or in spasm in his lower, mid and upper back with his neck muscles in the cervical(head) area on the right side had limited range of motion. He was experiencing fatigue, loss of mobility and pain not to mention loss of sleep and no energy.

I explained to Andy that we were going to work on the his muscles and segment his body in three segments and since it was his lower back that was really locked up causing the structural lumbar area the pelvic girdle muscles to hold in a way that would protect him from harm that caused standing and sitting walking to not be that comfortable. Gravity is very hard on us and when there is an injury we really feel the effects of gravity upon the myo skeletal structures.

I explained to Andy that I would teach him the neuro muscular movements and mobilization techniques that he could do at home so that he could be comfortable and create the muscles and structure of the lower lumbar, mid thoracic and upper cervical area to open up. I explained that by doing these simple moments that it would open up the lower back pelvic girdle and mid back and shoulders. It would bring cellular nutrition, circulation, and help rid the body of the metabolic acids in his body. I explained that I take cal mag cit-rate 2 to 1 ratio with vitamin D 400 IU for muscular aches and pain. This combination works as a synergistic ally with the body. Also, to use essential oils of peppermint for inflammation, thyme and marjoram for warming the muscle groups is helpful. For nerve pain I use wintergreen use all with a carrier of coconut oil if the skin is very sensitive.

AS A DISCLAIMER - Please get a clearance from your Doctor or your functional doctor chiropractor, osteopath, if you are experiencing acute pain if doing any of these movement or activity